MGC Capital

Integrated, high-impact solutions.

We have alternatives and services for companies in all sectors.

Non-performing loan operations

Through FIDC – Credit Rights Investment Funds, we invest in the acquisition of portfolios of non-performing loans (NPL – non-performing loans) and non-performing assets in the corporate market (single names). We have extensive expertise in the process of returning invested credits.

Our professionals are highly qualified to work in highly complex situations. Using its own methodologies, MGC Capital develops and implements integrated solutions, which combine the management of financial and legal processes to achieve the best performance in results.

MGC Capital's solidity and reputation qualify it to take on the front of highly complex debt negotiations with companies and financial institutions.

Consultancy and assistance in turnaround and special situations

We provide consultancy and advise companies in situations of financial crisis.

We are experts in creating and implementing specific solutions, capable of reestablishing the company's financial health and improving its operational development.

With a multidisciplinary and customized approach, we act according to the demands and needs of each company and the specificities of its segment, without attachment to standardized formulas.

Consultancy and assistance in judicial recovery processes

We provide consultancy and advise companies in all phases of their judicial recovery process.

Our professionals have in-depth knowledge of the laws and peculiarities of the legal segment. Based on our own work methodology, we develop solutions capable of reestablishing the company's concept, value and performance in the market, generating positive economic and social impacts.

Consultancy and assistance for private funds

We provide consultancy and advise private credit rights funds (FIDC) that seek to improve the receiving performance of their portfolios.

We are experts in creating and implementing assertive methodologies for charging and recovering distressed assets.

Through our master servicer, we offer FIDCs the operationalization of the credit recovery process, ensuring that all stages are executed with excellence from start to finish, to achieve the measured results.

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